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Don't Let Your Allergy to Collagen Stop You from Renewing Your Skin!

At Britannia Dermedics, we have clients with all types of skin conditions and allergies. For those who are allergic to collagen, and many of our Skin Injection & Filler treatments, we offer an alternative - Restylane - an FDA approved non-animal based gel that acts much like Juvederm.

Clients who take advantage of our Restylane treatment typically use this treatment to:

  • Restore volume in lips,
  • Fill in facial wrinkles and fine lines, and
  • Fill in folds in the skin.

Why is Restylane growing in popularity?

  • It is a non-animal based substance,
  • Is a great alternative for patients allergic to collagen,
  • People see results immediately,
  • There is minimal downtime, and
  • Results often last much longer than collagen.

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Restylane In Calgary

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